Why You Need a Hydraulic Specialist on Your Project

A hydraulic specialist in a blue jacket and yellow safety equipment inspects machinery and pipes.

You’ve been told you need a hydraulic specialist on your project – but do you really? Why is it so important to ensure that your hydraulic systems are inspected and maintained by experts? Put simply: if you don’t do the job correctly the first time, you set yourself up for all kinds of problems down the road.

The Downsides of Failing to Put a Hydraulic Specialist on Your Team

These problems include, but aren’t limited to:

  • It will cost you time and money to fix problems that could have been avoided
  • You may experience project delays or even halts
  • Serious or repeated incidents could damage your reputation

Plus, contractors don’t always have the time or specialized knowledge to consider the specifics that experts do, like flushing the system and ensuring hydraulic fluid has been correctly filtered before being introduced.

In short, it’s best to take advantage of all the resources available to you, and a reliable and reputable hydraulic systems specialist is invaluable.

Common Problems in Hydraulic Machines

Many people, no matter how knowledgeable, don’t know how to look for the easy-to-miss details that can signal an issue in your machines, such as:

  • Cracking, peeling, bubbling or weathering in hoses
  • Seepage in any component
  • Installing a new pump and not verifying the pump or systems relief valve settings

This can occur for multiple reasons, and unfortunately, without maintenance on the spec list, contractors may not recognize the issue until it’s too late. Perhaps they accidentally skip a step in the inspection or overlook something that’s routine for hydraulic specialists. Even if they catch the issue, they may not know how to fix it correctly, and further attempts to ‘fix’ without the right skill set could intensify the problem and increase the risk of damage or dangerous conditions.

The Benefits of Working With Hydraulic Specialists

Experts who work on/with hydraulic systems on a daily basis are far less likely to overlook important parts of maintenance and inspection. That brings a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Avoiding significant damage down the road if a problem is allowed to develop fully
  • Preventing catastrophic failure, ensuring the safety of anyone working on or around hydraulic equipment
  • Preventing smaller accidents, such as those that might occur on an improperly maintained system
  • Identifying opportunities to catch problems early and maintain optimal performance for the lifetime of the equipment

You’ll also gain a smooth and efficient workflow, parts that last longer and work better, reliable meeting of deadlines, as well as less downtime and increased ability to fill orders on time. Moreover, you’ll earn yourself a great reputation as someone who checks every box, which will naturally create positive and long-lasting client relationships.

What About Cost? Investing In Long-Term Hydraulic Health

Everyone’s afraid of adding to the budget. In our day and age of constant cost overruns, you’re right to be wary. But ask yourself: would you skip insurance to save a penny? Obviously not. Having a hydraulics specialist on your team provides the same service; with a little investment upfront, you prevent catastrophes that could cost you thousands (or tens of thousands) down the road, if not your good name and your whole business.

Devine Hydraulics has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your systems stay fighting fit. From replacing parts to creating custom pieces that suit your job, Devine Hydraulics can get you started and keep you running smoothly and efficiently. Contact DHI today to see how we can help you.