What Happens If The Oil In Your Hydraulic Equipment Is Not Properly Filtered? 

A hydraulic piston on old hydraulic equipment

Keeping your hydraulic equipment running smoothly begins with making sure every moving part has access to clean, filtered oil for proper lubrication. Unfortunately, oil filtration is one of the most commonly overlooked steps when adding oil to an existing system.

Without proper filtration, a host of problems can result—and eventually, every facet of your hydraulic system can be affected. By having a better understanding of why filtered oil matters in a hydraulic system and the steps you can take to properly maintain your oil, you can keep your hydraulic system running smoothly.

Common Sources of Unfiltered Oil

Typically, the introduction of unfiltered oil into a hydraulic system occurs due to an overall lack of understanding. For example, unfiltered oil from a bucket catching a direct leak may be reintroduced to the system by a team member or even a supervisor. Although their intentions may be good (not wanting to waste oil), adding unfiltered oil to a hydraulic system is a disaster waiting to happen—and it would likely never be allowed if management knew the amount of damage it could cause.

Dangers of Unfiltered Oil in a Hydraulic System

So what are the potential dangers of introducing unfiltered oil to a hydraulic system? The biggest issue is that unfiltered oil will carry debris that can include dirt, dust, and grease. This is especially common in situations where the oil itself has leaked onto the outside of the machine and been reused.

When you introduce unfiltered oil to a hydraulic system you’re also introducing this debris. Over time, this debris can build up within the system and cause severe damage. Depending on the type of debris, you may encounter anything from damaged seals to clogged hoses.

The Bottom Line on Oil Filtration and Hydraulic Equipment

As you can see, keeping properly filtered oil moving through your hydraulic system is a must— but this advice is really only the tip of the iceberg! For professional help in keeping your hydraulic-powered systems up and running smoothly, reach out to our knowledgeable team at Devine Hydraulics, Inc.