“I work with Brian because everything works. As a commercial fisherman, I need stuff that works. Nothing ever fails. Been doing business with Brian for 30 years. I’ve never had a problem with his stuff, it stands the test of time. He did some work on a boat for me a long time ago, I sold the boat, and the guy I sold it to says it’s still working. He does all the engineering for me. He is always there for me. We had a failure, (A Beam let go) I needed it fixed ASAP, I had to go out in the boat in the morning. Brian took it down and rebuilt it after the shop closed. I was fishing the next day. If I need it, he makes it happen.”
RJS Marine – Bob Smith

“(Devin Hydraulics)…are close by, good service. They usually have what we need when we need it. When I call they take care of it…. They know the parts well when you call in, because they have experience.”
Donna May Fisheries – Kevin Debbis

“I do business with Brian for many reasons.

  • Availability of product in a short period of time
  • Need to meet mission critical timelines. Brian doesn’t fail me
  • Team members are very courteous. They go the extra mile and know what we want.
  • They can come up with a solution by having us just send a picture or diagram.
  • Knowledgeable to provide the correct application
  • One of the strongest factors is that Brian is well versed in hydraulics
  • Committed to the hydraulics field, and willing to go the extra mile
  • I choose them because they get the job done
  • The only time Brian and crew are a little slow, is when they are depending on a vendor to get them what we need. This is because the vendor is slow to respond, not because of Devine Hydraulics.
  • He is willing to stay late to get it done, because he knows the part or job is mission critical.

Brian will ask …Can you scan a picture and email it to me? What is the part number? How soon do you need the part? Then his wheels start turning. If he has the part, he will keep the doors open late for me, or put it somewhere where I can get it after hours. If his guys incorrectly make a repair, Brian’s guys will do what it takes to get the mission critical part to them to repair it.
HOORAH to Brian!!”

U.S. Navy - Robert “Red” Redden, Maintenance

“They respond when we need them. Good service. Very knowledgeable. Local to us, which is advantageous to us. Cuts down on time to get finished product.

Hydraulics specialists are hard to come by. We are open 24/7, Brian and crew will respond to us whenever we need them. Time is money, for every hour we are down, we lose $$. Brian makes sure we aren’t down for long. They usually have it, can make it, or can weld it. Brian knows our shop well. Very accommodating, Someone is always available, and they always call back.”

Rand Whitney Container Board – Dave Dyer, Maintenance Planning

“They have a really good name. They are close by. We had a really big problem with something. We were working with another company to try and solve it. They couldn’t get it right. Brian fixed the problem in 1 ½ days and explained a lot. Went into a lot of detail to explain. Very knowledgeable. They made it right.”
Commercial Tilcon – Bryan Leslie

“Dependable place, great service, can fabricate things that nobody else can.
I needed a bearing and bearing home. It wasn’t available anyplace. Not only did they build it for me, it’s still working.

“Brian solves problems when you are in a bind. Will have someone work after hours to make sure you get what you need. Will wait for me. Calls back, and gets a quick resolution, has stuff in stock, personable and a good guy.”

VMS Construction – Victor Serrambana