This account we recently became their primary hydraulics service partner when their previous company could not get a key system’s hydraulics to work reliably. Since that time, we’ve shown what an excellent decision that was. We received in-house, one of their outdated hydraulic power units (HPU) that needed to be modernized. The amount of refurbishing and upgrading resulted in a custom HPU to be built as a less expensive choice. However, before they were able to get a purchase order requisitioned, a need for it arose.

As Brian tells it, “… a very large main pump that came out of a batch plant that had been rebuilt by another hydraulic company three times, and failed instantly three times … We’ve never looked inside the pump. The customer came to us and said, ‘Look, we need help.’ They wanted us to redesign the power unit for them. Unfortunately, with proportional controls, it was going to take 10-12- weeks .. The customer said they didn’t have 10-12 weeks, what can we do? So I told them we could retro-fit the existing power unit with a piston pump .. We got this new piston pump all set up, ready to go with a new bell housing. All the new fittings on it … Ready to go, have everything staged here. Tomorrow, we are going to go install it on the electric motor and start retrofitting the (hydraulic) reservoir with the piping and everything it require to adapt this pump… This is a 140cc piston pump. Works at a fairly low pressure for a piston pump. That’s why they have a vane pump on it from the ‘60’s. We’re upgrading to newer technology. This piston pump will last forever only working at 2,000 psi. It’ll take us a couple days of retrofitting onsite… getting them up and running by the end of the week. They will be able to batch for a very important job they have at the Naval sub base to be able to make concrete for them.”

When posed with the statement that Devine really saved the day, Brian simply replied “Correct.” What we are able to do, along with the day-to-day repairs, we are really making a “’significant difference’ for customers and industry at large.