Preventative Maintenance Strategies Ensure Hydraulic Reliability for Global Packaging Producer

An example of hydraulic machinery operating in a large paper production facility.

To maintain equipment in optimal condition, regularly scheduled maintenance is essential.  Machines need to be inspected and serviced to ensure the continuous function of the equipment and prevent unanticipated failure. The goal is to maintain machines in good working condition for as long as possible, reducing the risk of both expensive repairs or costly ‘surprise’ shutdowns. All of the wear and tear that occurs during operations cannot be eliminated, but it can be mitigated by performing effective preventative maintenance on machines and other equipment before breakdowns occur, extending the service life of the machinery.

Strategic Hydraulic Maintenance Schedule for Paper Production Equipment

The customer operates a plant in CT that manufactures specialized paper for product packaging. Devine Hydraulics provided engineering support, fabrication, and installation services when the plant was designed and built 25 years ago, and since then supplied preventative maintenance services on a regimented schedule to ensure efficient operations and reliable production. Devine performs preventive maintenance and repair services for their hydraulic functions during bi-monthly one-day shutdowns, as well as an annual extended shutdown for preventative maintenance and detailed equipment inspections.

The DHI onsite team began with a thorough inspection of the equipment. They collaborated with several department heads and supervisors to ensure all maintenance concerns would be addressed. While most findings required minimal attention individually, all the items identified in the annual inspection add up to a long and diverse set of activities.

Annual Hydraulic Cylinder Refurbishment

One of the most vital activities during this annual maintenance period is swapping out four hydraulic cylinders. The additional time and resources required to pull the cylinders and rebuild them can place a strain on the company. To streamline this potential snare, a spare set of four identical cylinders are cycled into operation every year— a single-day process— allowing the other cylinders to be rebuilt at a later date, ready to return to operation during the following year’s shutdown.

Additionally, they reran hydraulic and pneumatic lines through stainless tubing along newly replaced metal walkway supports. Initially, these were designed with carbon steel to offset building cost, but now it is designed for longevity and serviceability. They relocated the valve manifold away from the machine after identifying a potentially severe leak. The result is safer working conditions for employees and increased output and efficiency for their customer’s business. 

Protect Your Investment With The Preventative Maintenance Experts at Devine Hydraulics

Devine Hydraulics is committed to providing expert preventive maintenance that contributes to the longevity of customers’ equipment. Preventative maintenance can seem like an extra expense when equipment is functional. Still, it saves costs in the long run by reducing downtime, preventing unexpected equipment failure, and repairing or replacing parts before normal wear and tear evolves into a more significant problem.

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