It may be a bit redundant, especially this time of the year, reading another post about gratitude. After all, it is, in America at least, Thanksgiving week. But, give me a moment.

As I was pondering how to get started, that sentiment kept coming up based on something I was working on last week.

You see, I had made some changes in our marketing efforts to set the stage for increased growth in 2020 by better meeting customer’s requirements. Our new marketing firm, E Circle Marketing out of Manchester, Connecticut, had been insistent on a new website to supplement strategy implementation. I assigned Tom Mumford, one of my people, to work with them to get this done.

It was decided that I needed to “star” in a brief video that discusses why I started the business (way back in in 1983) and how that translated into the success I have been enjoying over the years. You can view it on our new YouTube site here.

Basically, I had to ‘star’ in my own website greeting. I couldn’t outsource this! Nor could I convince Brad Pitt to play me. And, since I’m terrible when it comes to being scripted, the actual words used, not just the sentiments behind them, had to come from me.

I thought. “No problem”… that was, until I got in front of the camera. This was strictly a ‘low tech’ endeavor — we used a cellphone camera and a Logitech USB microphone. It took 30 takes and I learned a lot. For instance, being in front of a camera is not for me, although I’m told I’ll have to get used to it (a star is born…?)

But also, this: that I came back to where I was raised in southeastern Connecticut with the express interest in making a difference. And what it did was make a difference in me!

The fact that I had developed a needed skill — that was a blessing. That people would pay me to provide that skill and come back time and again — another blessing. That I was able to surround myself with excellent people to grow the business — blessing number three. And that I live in a country that allows me to do what I love and provide value to my customers and a living for my employees, their families, myself, my family with a little bit left over to assist those that I can — that is blessing number four!

Although I’m not much of a sports fan, even I recognized I hit a grand slam with these blessings! If you’ve read this far, thank you. As you can see, it only made sense for me to start off this, our company’s blog, with the idea of gratitude. My best wishes to you, wherever you may be, and know that my team and I are on call, grateful to have the opportunity to serve you.