Tubes & Hoses of Connecticut®, a Devine Hydraulics, Inc. brand, provides flexible hoses for mobile and industrial equipment to carry fluids such as water,
chemicals, synthetic, biodegradable and, of course, hydraulic oils.

Made Right

  • Trained operators manufacturing your tubes.
  • US made carbon steel and stainless steel tube.
  • Best materials available for the job.
  • Each fitting double checked for accuracy.
Made Now
  • Hand made every time and inspected after swaging.
  • Only the best materials used for your hose.
  • Success Guaranteed
  • Every time.
We offer:
  • High-Pressure Hoses – Flexible reinforced rubber hose assemblies for mobile plant and equipment, industrial machinery and hydraulic power units.
  • High-Pressure Tubing – Carbon steel and stainless steel tube assemblies bent and formed to suit customers’ requirements.
  • Low-Pressure Hoses – Flexible reinforced hoses made from rubber and plastic for vacuum, suction, compressed air and low pressure fluids.
  • Automotive Hose & Tubing – Flexible hoses and rigid tubes for brakes, air conditioning, power steering and clutch lines.

All of these come with a wide array of adapters and fittings, almost always in stock. We have a complete hose and tube assembly area allowing us to build to
your specification while you wait. Or, re-order over the phone in advance and we’ll either ship it to you or have it waiting. Have a non-standard requirement?

Contact us to discuss. You’ll find the results to be simply Devine!


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