Our manufacturing capabilities is a key to our success. Fabricating complete parts from stock metals to assembling complete systems designed specifically for the requirement, whatever you need is simply Devine. 
In our machine shop, we have gap bed lathes with turning capacities up to 23 5/8” swing over the bed, 32 ¼” swing over the gap, 115” between centers and over 4” spindle bore. Tube lengths up to 39’ have been machined. Additional facilities include a Bridgeport universal mill with 32” x 9” bed, a surface grinder with 10” x 5” capacity table and a Scotchman 40 ton punch press. 
Our welding include MIG, TIG, electric arc, gas and braze with air arc and thermal lance cutting abilities. Materials include steel alloys, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Metal cutting capacities include up to ¾” with plasma, 4” thick with gas and 6’ thick with thermal lance. 
Our machine shop and welding facilities are only part of the solution. Combined with our design services and our parts and components inventory, we can custom fabricate what you need specifically for you. Our solutions, like our firm, stand the test of time. 
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